OMG, you’ve outdid yourself with this collection. The
quality of the sleep cap and pillowcase is luxurious, soft, and well made. The champagne color is gorgeous. And the silk scrunchie is everything I never knew
I needed.

Wow, I’m a fan of your juicy curls and I’m so excited to have
this silk pillowcase. My flexi set lasted for 11 days, I’m shocked.

Night sweats always ruin my hairstyle, and I didn’t believe
silk would be the game changer. Usually, I wake up with puffy, frizzy hair because I sweat in my head so bad at night. My curls had way less frizz in the morning and I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes trying to get my hair to look descent. I basically massaged my scalp and did a little bit of a fluff and I was good to go. Thank you!

Chelsea glamgirlchelsea