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Elevate Your Style with the CurlH2O Silk Scarf

Step into the world of luxurious haircare with the CurlH2O Silk Scarf, featuring unique artwork exclusively created for our brand and selected by our founder, Lisa. This elegant scarf, made from the finest 100% long-strand grade 6A mulberry silk and weighing a practical 14 momme, is ideal for maintaining elaborate curly hairstyles overnight, such as silk presses or flexi rod sets. Certified OEKO-TEX 100, it ensures safety and purity for all hair types. The scarf comes in 70x70 cm ensuring it is a perfect fit for your curls and you can wrap it different ways. 

Key Benefits:

  • Moisture Retention: Locks in hydration to reduce dryness.

  • Frizz and Tangle Reduction: Helps simplify morning styling by reducing frizz and tangles.

  • Protective Care: Prevents hair breakage and maintains the integrity of delicate styles.

  • Comfortable and Breathable: Light and airy, perfect for all-night wear.

  • Exclusive Artistic Designs: Showcases unique, custom artwork that marries style with functionality.

  • Design Variety: Choose from two custom designs to match your personal style.

Your Stylish Solution to Haircare:

Perfect for those who treasure both their hair's health and style, the CurlH2O Silk Scarf is your go-to accessory for preserving intricate curly hairstyles through the night.

Buy Now - Add a touch of elegance and protective care to your nightly hair routine with the CurlH2O Silk Scarf.


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